The Illusionist: How Tiger King’s Joe Exotic Duped Us All

If you’re one of the three people who haven’t watched “Tiger King,” Netflix’s pop culture phenomenon, this is your warning: here be spoilers. And if you have watched “Tiger King,” here be information you don’t already know. Imagine a Shakespearean dramedy set not in fair Verona but in Walmart at three in the morning. Everyone […]


And The Winner Is… Oscars 2020 Best Of Beauty And Fashion

Hi, everybody. Long time, no see! I’m currently under the weather (again), and I’ve had a lot going on lately. Namely, my baby boy, Binx, had violent diarrhea and fever, and I was absolutely terrified it was something like FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis, which is a rare but fatal immune response to infection caused by […]